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  • Santé Fitness Band + Exercise Library


    Goodness, gracious, great buns of fire!

    🍑 Introducing the Santé Fitness Glute Band.

    A high quality, ultra strong resistance band. Made from durable elasticated fabric, the band is designed to be the ultimate workout companion.

    Excellent interior grip prevents any slipping or rolling down, which is a common fault with rubber bands.

    A huge range of exercises mean the band can be a key component for both a home and gym workout. Every purchase of a band is accompanied with access to an extensive online exercise library.

    This incorporates video guidance, to ensure all levels of ability can fully benefit from this fantastic piece of kit. To view the exercise library go to > exercise library (in the main menu).

    Once purchased, create a username and password to view the library. This is great way for you to get started exercising and also to intensify your lifts.

    As well as an efficient way to burn calories, it can also be a form of rehab if you suffer with knee or back injuries, as strong glutes can help to ease these conditions.

    Train your way towards a firm and lifted booty, you’ll work muscles you didn’t even know existed! Available in small, medium or large sizes now for £16.99, which includes the fantastic exercise library. Get yours now and join our ever growing community, today.

    Santé x”

    Small –  6-10
    Medium – 10-14
    Large – 16+

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  • Santé Fitness E-Book


    A detailed and simple ebook to help you lose body fat. 

    A book designed to help you understand the science behind fat loss and putting any myths to bed.

    An easy way to find which method is most suitable for your lifestyle.

    A detailed overview of macronutrients and wholesome foods and why they are important in your diet.

    Finally, an extensive list of wholesome/low calorie foods and meal ideas to help you on your journey.

    This is not a fad diet. This is a way of life. Let’s be smart, not miserable and make changes for good!

    Santé x

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